Low-Duty-Ratio Patterning on a Heterogeneous Surface


  • This work was supported by the National Core Research Center Program of the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) through the NANO systems Institute at Seoul National University.


A thick film of patterned heterogeneous surface is introduced, in which the surface heterogeneity arises due to a difference in the characteristics of interfacial potential. When a liquid film is coated onto such a surface, the film is unstable only on certain parts of the surface and, consequently, dewetting takes place. In the other parts, the film is stable and no dewetting takes place. This heterogeneous surface is utilized for patterning low-duty-ratio patterns, which has proved challenging for any mold-based unconventional lithographies. Only the natural forces associated with capillarity and dewetting are responsible for the patterning. As a result, defect-free and uniform patterning is possible over a large area.