Thin Films of Insoluble Poly(Oligothienylene vinylenes) Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition Polymerization


  • This work was supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation through CMR of Korea University. S.-H.J. is recipient of the Brain Korea 21 scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Korea. X-ray studies were performed at the Pohang Synchrotron Lab, Pohang, Korea.


A series of poly(oligothienylene vinylenes) (PTmVs, m = 2–4) with a varying number of consecutively bound thienylene rings are successfully prepared in thin films by chemical vapor deposition polymerization (CVDP) using the corresponding bis(halomethyl)thiophenes as starting materials. The chemical and electronic structures are studied spectroscopically and also by cyclic voltammetry. Top-gate field-effect transistors are fabricated by two consecutive CVDP cycles of PTmV and poly(p-xylylene) followed by the deposition of a Au gate electrode. In the case of a PT3V active layer, a field-effect mobility value of 0.5 × 10–4 cm2 V–1 s–1 is obtained.