Transparent Zeolite–Polymer Hybrid Materials with Adaptable Properties


  • This work was supported by the Kommission für Technologische Innovation (KTI) project 2005-07 and the Clariant Research Project Dye-Loaded Zeolites. We would like to thank Dr. Massoud Dadras of the Service de Microscopie et Nanoscopie (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland) for measuring the high resolution TEM images, Dr. D. Pflieger from Clariant for providing some of the chemicals used in this study, and Beatrice Frey for the SEM measurements.


We report here on a simple preparation procedure for highly transparent zeolite-polymer hybrid materials and polymer covered zeolite L monolayers. Wrapping up zeolites containing, e.g., dye molecules as guest species with alkoxysilane derivatives results in an efficient dispersion of the nano particles into the organic liquid monomer. The following copolymerisation process leads to a hard, insoluble and transparent material containing zeolites. Optical properties such as colour, luminescence, refractive index or photochromism can be adapted by simply changing the type and amount of the guest in the zeolite crystals, while transparency is maintained.