Molecular Photochemionics



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  1. Errata: Molecular Photochemionics Volume 17, Issue 7, 1050, Article first published online: 25 April 2007

  • Financial support from EU (STREP “Biomach” NMP2-CT-2003-505487) and the University of Bologna is gratefully acknowledged. We would like to warmly thank Professor J. Fraser Stoddart and his group for long lasting, profitable, and friendly collaboration.


Suitably designed molecular and supramolecular species are capable of combining light and chemical inputs to perform functions that mimic those of macroscopic devices. This paper describes the working principles of molecular-level photochemionic devices for i) chemical switching of photonic input/output signals, ii) chemical tuning of photonic input/output signals, and iii) the transformation of chemical and/or optical signals for logic operation.