Organic Tube/Rod Hybrid Nanofibers with Adjustable Segment Lengths by Bidirectional Template Wetting


  • The authors thank the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for funding this work in the framework of the priority program SPP 1165 “Nanowires and Nanotubes”, S. Grimm and K. Sklarek for template preparation, as well as R. Möhner for the preparation of the TEM specimens.


Segmented nanotubes and nanorods exhibiting a variation in their composition along their long axes represent a new and exciting class of nanomaterials. It is shown that bidirectional template wetting enables the integration of functional and complex polymeric materials into segmented nanofibers. First, a template is wetted under conditions in which a solid polymeric thread with adjustable length fills a pore segment starting from one template surface. Subsequently, a second wetting step starting from the opposite template surface yields segmented nanofibers. The exploitation of different wetting mechanisms results in the formation of tube/rod hybrid nanofibers.