3D Microstructured Surfaces Obtained by Soft-Lithography Using Fast-Crosslinking Elastomeric Precursors and 2D Masters


  • The authors thank C. Greiner and M. Wirkner for making the lithographic SU-8 templates; M. Mannsberger and D. Drotlef for help with the moulding experiments with Sylgard 184; Dr. M. Schaub and Dr. M. Grünwald from Heraeus Kulzer (Dormagen and Hanau (Germany)) for providing Provil Novo and P2 materials.


A new method for the fabrication of microstructured polymer surfaces possessing features with different 3D geometries is reported. Controlled micromolding using masters with 2D topographies and fluid elastomeric precursors with various viscosities and crosslinking kinetics yielded homogeneously structured surfaces possessing microtubes and concave and convex hemispheres with defined dimensions. This fabrication strategy does not require sophisticated 3D structuring equipment and can be extended to other materials, dimensions and geometries.