Patterning Semiconductor Nanocrystals in Polymer Films


  • The authors thank Dr. Miloš Kučera from the Institute for Optical Science at the University of Toronto for acquiring interferometric microscopy images. We are grateful to Dr. Marcus Jones and Prof. Gregory Scholes for their help in characterizing the photoluminescence of the NCs. C.P. thanks NSERC Canada for the PGS D scholarship, E.K. thanks NSERC Canada for Canada Research Chair funding.


This paper reports a method of patterning semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) in a polymer film. By combining lithographic concept with polymerization-induced phase separation in a NC-monomer mixture, we produced topographic and lateral compositional patterns in NC-polymer films. The quality of the patterns was controlled by the competition between the rate of polymerization-induced phase separation and the change in viscosity of the polymerizing mixture.