Stability of Doped Transparent Carbon Nanotube Electrodes


  • We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Chris Yang of Qcept Technologies for conducting work function measurements on SWNT films. We also would like to thank the National Science Foundation under the STC Program, Award DMR-01209667 for financial support.


This paper evaluates the effectiveness of p-doping transparent single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) films via chemical treatment with HNO3 and SOCl2. Stability of the improvement in electrical conductivity after doping is investigated for different doping treatments as a function of exposure time to air and as a function of temperature. Doped films were found to have a greater than twofold increase in conductivity with sheet resistance values as low as 105 Ω sq−1 with an optical transmittance of 80% at 550 nm. However, doping enhancements demonstrated limited stability in air and under thermal loading. The application of a thin capping layer of PEDOT/PSS is shown to stabilize the improvements in conductivity, evidenced by sustained lower sheet resistance in both air and under thermal loading.