Multiple Pass-Band Optical Left-Handed Metamaterials Based on Random Dendritic Cells


  • The authors acknowledge support from the National Nature Science Foundation of China under Grant No.50632030, NPU Foundation for Fundamental Research WO18101, and National Basic Research Program of China under sub-project 2004CB719805.


Left-handed metamaterials (LHMs) composed of random dendritic cells demonstrate a multi-band resonance and negative refractive index. A nano-assembly approach is established to fabricate optical LHMs. Random nanostructures of silver dendritic cells are prepared and further fabricated into a sandwich-like structure with a dielectric medium. The dentritic nano-assembled configuration reveals a multi-band resonance and a high intensity of the pass-band at infrared frequencies, and can be facilely and cheaply prepared on a large-scale of effective area.