Mesoporous Silica with Multiple Catalytic Functionalities


  • This work is partially supported by Science and Technology Ministry of China (2005CCA01100), Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project (No. T0402) and the National Science Foundation through the CAREER program, EPA and Sandia National Laboratories. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


Mesoporous silica containing multiple organometallic active sites is synthesized using a traditional post-synthesis complexation technique and a surfactant-directed assembly approach. Systematic spectroscopic studies and structure analysis indicate that catalytic mesoporous silica with controlled composition and pore structure can be readily synthesized. Catalytic performance examined by an aqueous medium two-step cascade reaction indicates that these materials possess excellent catalytic activity, reusability, and an interesting synergic effect. This work provides novel synthesis platforms towards multifunctional catalysts for more efficient chemical transformations.