• electronic structures;
  • magnetic materials;
  • quantum dots;
  • semiconductor nanocrystals


Recent advances in the chemistry of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal doping have led to new materials showing fascinating physical properties of potential technological importance. This article provides an overview of efforts to dope one of the most widely studied colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal systems, CdSe quantum dots, with one of the most widely studied transition-metal dopant ions, Mn2+, and describes the major new physical properties that have emerged following successful synthesis of this material. These properties include spin-polarizable excitonic photoluminescence, magnetic circular dichroism, exciton storage, and excitonic magnetic polaron formation. A brief survey of parallel advances in the characterization of analogous self-assembled Mn2+-doped quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy is also presented, and the physical properties of the colloidal quantum dots are shown to compare favorably with those of the self-assembled quantum dots. The rich variety of physical properties displayed by colloidal Mn2+-doped CdSe quantum dots highlights the attractiveness of this material for future fundamental and applied research.