• charge transport;
  • field-effect transistors;
  • organic electronics;
  • self-organization;
  • thin films


Solution-processable functionalized acenes have received special attention as promising organic semiconductors in recent years because of their superior intermolecular interactions and solution-processability, and provide useful benchmarks for organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Charge-carrier transport in organic semiconductor thin films is governed by their morphologies and molecular orientation, so self-assembly of these functionalized acenes during solution processing is an important challenge. This article discusses the charge-carrier transport characteristics of solution-processed functionalized acene transistors and, in particular, focuses on the fine control of the films' morphologies and structural evolution during film-deposition processes such as inkjet printing and post-deposition annealing. We discuss strategies for controlling morphologies and crystalline microstructure of soluble acenes with a view to fabricating high-performance OFETs.