Cover Picture: Microwave Arcing Induced Formation and Growth Mechanisms of Core/Shell Metal/Carbon Nanoparticles in Organic Solutions (Adv. Funct. Mater. 14/2008)



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Well-graphitized core/shell metal/carbon nanoparticles were prepared in organic solutions using a facile microwave-arcing method in domestic microwave ovens, as reported by Kuo Chu Hwang and coworkers on page 2048. Microwave arcing created by absorption of microwaves by short metal wires in organic solutions causes thermal pyrolysis of metallocene precursors to generate core/shell metal/carbon nanoparticles. The presence of fullerenes (C60/70) was crucial to the formation of well-graphitized graphene shells. Hollow carbon nanoparticles can also be prepared in a similar way.