Directed Helical Growth: A Spring-Like Behavior of Chiral Block Copolymer with Helical Nanostructure Driven by Crystallization (Adv. Funct. Mater. 3/2009)



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Crystalline helices (PLLA crystallization directed by helical confined microdomains) and crystalline cylinders (phase transformation of helical nano structures dictated by crystallization) are obtained by controlling the crystallization temperature of PLLA with respect to the glass transition temperature of PS in PS-PLLA block copolymers; this process is described by J.-W. Chiang et al. on page 448. A spring-like behavior of the PLLA helical nanostructures embedded in the PS matrix can be driven by crystallization, so as to dictate the transformation of the helices, resulting in crystalline cylinders that might represent a possible avenue for the design of switchable large-strain actuators.