There was a plotting error in the horizontal axis of Figure 5 of this paper relating to the current-density/voltage/luminance response for the light-emitting device incorporating the unthreaded reference polymer PDV.Cs. This made the turn-on voltage appear higher than it is. Please find below the correct version of the figure. The turn-on voltage of the same device was correctly reported in Table 2 of the original paper (Von = 2.6 V).

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Figure 5. Current density (solid line) and luminance (dashed line) versus voltage characteristics for ITO/PDV.Cs/Al (circles) and ITO/PDV.Cs⊂β-CD/Al (y=1.3) (triangles). The current density and luminance of the PDV.Cs-based device have been scaled by a factor=0.04 so as to enable plotting on the same scale as the data for the rotaxinated polymer.

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