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Inkjet-Printed Single-Droplet Organic Transistors Based on Semiconductor Nanowires Embedded in Insulating Polymers



Fabrication of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) using a high-throughput printing process has garnered tremendous interest for realizing low-cost and large-area flexible electronic devices. Printing of organic semiconductors for active layer of transistor is one of the most critical steps for achieving this goal. The charge carrier transport behavior in this layer, dictated by the crystalline microstructure and molecular orientations of the organic semiconductor, determines the transistor performance. Here, it is demonstrated that an inkjet-printed single-droplet of a semiconducting/insulating polymer blend holds substantial promise as a means for implementing direct-write fabrication of organic transistors. Control of the solubility of the semiconducting component in a blend solution can yield an inkjet-printed single-droplet blend film characterized by a semiconductor nanowire network embedded in an insulating polymer matrix. The inkjet-printed blend films having this unique structure provide effective pathways for charge carrier transport through semiconductor nanowires, as well as significantly improve the on-off current ratio and the environmental stability of the printed transistors.