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Carbon Nanotubes on Polymeric Microcapsules: Free-Standing Structures and Point-Wise Laser Openings



Single-wall carbon nanotubes modified by anionic polyelectrolyte molecules are embedded into the shells of microcapsules. Carbon nanotubes serve as rigid rods in a softer polymeric capsule, which forms a free-standing shell upon treatment with glutaraldehyde and subsequent drying. The embedded carbon nanotubes exhibit a broad absorption in the UV–near-infrared part of the spectrum, and that allows point-wise activation and opening of the microcapsules by laser. Raman signal analysis shows changes of carbon-nanotube-specific lines after high-power laser irradiation, which is characteristic of the formation of disordered carbonlike structures. These polyelectrolyte/carbon nanotube composite capsules represent a novel light-addressable type of microcontainers.