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Facile Fabrication of SWCNT/SnO2 Nanowire Heterojunction Devices on Flexible Polyimide Substrate



We report on the fabrication and electronic properties of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT)/tin oxide nanowire (SnO2 NW) heterojunction device arrays on flexible polyimide (PI) substrates. Hetero-NW junctions consisting of crossed SnO2 NWs and SWCNTs were fabricated by sliding transfer of SnO2 NWs onto the SWCNT channels on PI substrate. Individual SWCNTs and SnO2 NWs field effect transistors showed p- and n-type transfer properties with current on/off ratios of 7.0 × 105 and 2.7 × 106, respectively. The heterojunction diode showed a rectifying behavior with a rectification ratio of higher than 103 at ±1 V and the analysis with an equivalent circuit model of serially connected diode and resistor estimated an ideality factor of 1.5 and the resistance of 20 MΩ. The rectification of AC input signal was clearly demonstrated by fabricating a full-wave bridge circuit of heterojunctions. In addition, the heterojunctions showed a high UV photosensitivity of ∼104 under reverse bias, suggesting their implicit applications in UV sensors.

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