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Polyglycerol-Dendronized Perylenediimides as Stable, Water-Soluble Fluorophores



The synthesis and photophysical properties of water-soluble, fluorescent polyglycerol-dendronized perylenediimides 1–4 are reported. The polyglycerol dendrons, which are known to be highly biocompatible, are found to confer high water-solubility on the perylenediimide in aqueous media while retaining its excellent fluorescent properties. Furthermore, intramolecular crosslinking of the polyglycerol dendrons using the ring-closing metathesis reaction not only enhances the photostability but also reduces the size of perylenediimide-cored dendrimers. The permeability of the various dendritic shells is probed using heavy metal ion quenchers and compared to non-dendritic but water-soluble perylenediimide 5.

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