• Low-field Magnetoresistance;
  • Nanocomposite film;
  • Manganite;
  • Thin Film;
  • Magnetic


A nanocomposite film of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (LSMO):ZnO is synthesized by depositing LSMO solution on a vertical array of ZnO nanorods grown on (0001) Al2O3 substrate. The magnetic behavior of the composite film differs from that of a pure LSMO film, possibly due to smaller grain size in the composite, small amount of Zn doping, or the presence of nonmagnetic ZnO phase near the LSMO grain boundaries. Magnetotransport measurements show that the low-field magnetoresistance (LFMR) of the nanocomposite film is significantly enhanced as compared to that observed for pure LSMO film. The highest value of the LFMR of the nanocomposite film at 10 K is –23.9% with a magnetic field of 0.5 T applied parallel to the current.