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Supported Faceted Gold Nanoparticles with Tunable Surface Plasmon Resonance for NIR-SERS



A novel dry plasma methodology for fabricating directly stabilized substrate-supported gold nanoparticle (NP) ensembles for near infrared surface enhanced Raman scattering (NIR SERS) is presented. This maskless stepwise growth exploits Au-sulfide seeds by plasma sulfidization of gold nuclei to produce highly faceted Au NPs with a multiple plasmon resonance that can be tuned from the visible to the near infrared, down to 1400 nm. The role of Au sulfidization in modifying the dynamics of Au NPs and of the corresponding plasmon resonance is discussed. The tunability of the plasmon resonance in a broad range is shown and the effectiveness as substrates for NIR SERS is demonstrated. The SERS response is investigated by using different laser sources operating both in the visible and in the NIR. SERS mapping of the SERS enhancement factor is carried out in order to evaluate their effectiveness, stability, and reproducibility as NIR SERS substrates, also in comparison with gold NPs fabricated by conventional sputtering and with the state-of-the-art in the current literature.