• nanocomposites;
  • single-walled carbon nanotubes;
  • copper;
  • electrodeposition;
  • mechanical properties


A critical challenge in nanocomposite fabrication by adding SWCNTs as reinforcement is to realize an effective transfer of the excellent mechanical properties of the SWCNTs to the macroscale mechanical properties of the matrix. Using directly grown SWCNT films with continuous reticulate structure as the template, Cu/SWCNTs/Cu laminated nanocomposites are fabricated by an electrodepositing process. The resulting Cu/SWCNTs/Cu laminated nanocomposites exhibit extremely high strength and Young's modulus. The estimated Young's modulus of the SWCNT bundles in the composite are between 860 and 960 GPa. Such a high strength and an effective load-transfer capacity are ascribed to the unique continuous reticulate architecture of SWCNT films and the strong interfacial strength between the SWCNTs and Cu matrix. Raman spectroscopy is used to characterize the loading status of the SWCNTs in the strained composite. It provides a route to investigate the load transfer of SWCNTs in the metal matrix composites.