Uniformly Interconnected Silver-Nanowire Networks for Transparent Film Heaters



The fabrication and design principles for using silver-nanowire (AgNW) networks as transparent electrodes for flexible film heaters are described. For best practice, AgNWs are synthesized with a small diameter and network structures of the AgNW films are optimized, demonstrating a favorably low surface resistivity in transparent layouts with a high figure-of-merit value. To explore their potential in transparent electrodes, a transparent film heater is constructed based on uniformly interconnected AgNW networks, which yields an effective and rapid heating of the film at low input voltages. In addition, the AgNW-based film heater is capable of accommodating a large amount of compressive or tensile strains in a completely reversible fashion, thereby yielding an excellent mechanical flexibility. The AgNW networks demonstrated here possess attractive features for both conventional and emerging applications of transparent flexible electrodes.