• carbon nanotubes;
  • field-effect transistors;
  • amplifier;
  • frequency doubler;
  • multifunctional circuits


Field-effect transistors (FETs) fabricated on large diameter carbon nanotubes (CNTs) present typical ambipolar transfer characteristics owing to the small band-gap of CNTs. Depending on the DC biasing condition, the ambipolar FET can work in three different regions, and then can be used as the core to realize multifunctional AC circuits. The CNT FET based circuits can work as a high-efficiency ambipolar frequency doubler in the ambipolar transfer region, and also can function as in-phase amplifier and inverted amplifier in the linear transfer region. Due to current saturation of the CNT FET, an AC amplifier with a voltage gain of 2 is realized when the device works in the linear transfer region. Achieving an actual amplification and frequency doubling functions indicates that complicated radio frequency circuits or systems can be constructed based on just one kind of device: ambipolar CNT FETs.