• PbS nanocrystals;
  • C60 fullerites;
  • charge transfer;
  • photodetectors


Hybrid PbS nanocrystal/C60 fullerite photodetectors are fabricated using a simple one-step drop casting procedure onto pre-patterned interdigitated electrodes. The devices exhibit a broad spectral response from the near UV through to the near infrared yielding a detectivity, D*, of above 1010 Jones from 400 nm to ≈1050 nm. The ability to further extend the spectral response to wavelengths ≈1350 nm in the near infrared via tuning of the PbS nanocrystal diameter is also demonstrated. The dynamic responses of the devices are presented, exhibiting a fast photocurrent rise time (<40 ns) followed by a long bi-exponential decay with characteristic lifetimes of τ1 = 5.3 μs ± 0.1 μs and τ2 = 37.8 μs ± 0.7 μs. These devices, which have a detectivity approaching that of commercial detectors, a broader spectral response, and a fast rise time, offer an attractive low-cost solution for large-area broadband photodetectors.