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Polymer Grafting by Inkjet Printing: A Direct Chemical Writing Toolset



Among all the patterning techniques, inkjet printing has lately become a reliable technique at micrometer scale to produce localized modifications on material surfaces. Printing of polymer on material surface however leads to adsorbed patterns with poor adhesion. To overcome this drawback, a new process combining for the first time inkjet printing and an efficient covalent polymer grafting method was developed. This latter method is based on a photo-assisted reduction of aryldiazonium salt/acrylate monomer ink, derived from the already published GraftFast process. In order to demonstrate its versatility, this new localized polymer grafting process is here combined as an example with the ligand induced electroless plating (LIEP) process to obtain metal interconnects onto flexible and transparent substrates with excellent mechanical and electrical properties for applications in flexible electronics devices.