NIR-Triggered Synergic Photo-chemothermal Therapy Delivered by Reduced Graphene Oxide/Carbon/Mesoporous Silica Nanocookies



A novel photo-responsive drug carrier that doubles as a photothermal agent with a nanocookie-like structure is constructed by coating amorphous carbon on a mesoporous silica support self-assembled on a sheet of reduced graphene oxide. With a large payload (0.88 mmolg−1) of a hydrophobic anticancer drug, (S)-(+)-camptothecin (CPT), nanocookies simultaneously provide a burst-like drug release and intense heat upon near-infrared exposure. Being biocompatible yet with a high efficiency for cell uptake, nanocookies have successfully eradicated subcutaneous tumors in 14 days following a single 5 min NIR irradiation without distal damage. These results demonstrate that the nanocookie is an excellent new delivery platform for local, on-demand, NIR-responsive, combined chemotherapy/hyperthermia for tumor treatment and other biomedical applications.