Self-Replenishing Dual Structured Superhydrophobic Coatings Prepared by Drop-Casting of an All-In-One Dispersion



Robust dual structured superhydrophobic coatings which replenish spontaneously their surface chemical composition on new multi-scale structured surfaces, recreated upon damage, are described. The surface repair occurs at room temperature, via intrinsic elements of the coatings, all covalently bonded. These coatings can be prepared from all-in-one dispersions by a simple drop-cast method, with different thicknesses and on various substrates. The critical factors to optimize the self-replenishment are described and three main design principles are postulated. The superhydrofobicity of the coatings is maintained even after 500 abrasion cycles. The principles reported can be extended towards self-healing other surface-dependent functionalities, that is, anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, or drag-reduction, which will maintain high performance levels all through their life-cycle with low cost and energy demand for maintenance and surface repair.