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Highly Luminescent Covalently Linked Silicon Nanocrystal/Polystyrene Hybrid Functional Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Processability



Silicon nanocrystals (SiNCs) have received much attention because of their exquisitely tunable photoluminescent response, biocompatibility, and the promise that they may supplant their CdSe quantum dot counterparts in many practical applications. One attractive strategy that promises to extend and even enhance the utility of SiNCs is their incorporation into NC/polymer hybrids. Unfortunately, methods employed to prepare hybrid materials of this type from traditional compound semiconductor (e.g., CdSe) quantum dots are not directly transferable to SiNCs because of stark differences in surface chemistry. Herein, the preparation of chemically resistant SiNC/polystyrene hybrids exhibiting exquisitely tunable photoluminescence is reported and material processability is demonstrated by preparing micro and nanoscale architectures.

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