Tuning the Au-Free InSb Nanocrystal Morphologies Grown by Patterned Metal–Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition



A thorough study of direct InSb nanocrystal formations on patterned InAs (111)B substrates is provided. These nanostructures are created without the use of Au catalysts or initial InAs segments. Under the growth conditions generally used for selective-area, catalyst-free epitaxy, a wide range of InSb nanocrystal morphologies are observed. This is because the low-energy InSb surfaces, studied by first-principles calculations, are the {111} facets as opposed to the {110} facets. By controlling the V/III ratio during growth, different InSb nanostructures can be achieved. Using low V/III growth conditions, In droplets start to form and InSb nucleation takes place at the droplet–semiconductor interface only, resulting in vertical, self-catalyzed InSb nanopillars.