Growing the Family


  • Joern Ritterbusch

Dear Readers,

Just as every year, the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston was another special occasion for every materials scientist who could attend. There is no other meeting of our discipline that is able to showcase the multidisciplinarity and the fast advancement of materials science. For me and my editorial colleagues it is also a rare opportunity to meet with so many of you in this special week. This year, however, it was special also due to another fact. We were pleased to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Advanced Materials with many of our Board members, authors, and readers. Twenty five years ago, Advanced Materials started as a little new journal and, just as the area of functional materials science has emerged dynamically in these 25 years, the journal grew with the field, always being a source of its premier research results.

It did not take long until the journal was able to generate its first ‘child’ as a spin-off: Advanced Functional Materials was created as the Full Paper companion to Advanced Materials, and both journals grew fast. I still remember the days when we celebrated the first thousandth submission for Advanced Materials: now we are heading more towards 8,000 submissions per year just for this journal. The same steep increase in submissions and popularity could be observed for Advanced Functional Materials. This year, we will see another record high of more than 4500 submissions (>12 per day); 10 years ago, in 2003, we just received barely more than 200 papers.

This ongoing flow of manuscripts (with yearly growth rates of 10–20%) not only makes an editor proud and happy about the healthy development of his journal and the scientific discipline he is active in, it also puts a constant pressure on the editorial teams to maintain the same level of professionalism for every author who aims to publish a manuscript with us. Growing page budgets and a weekly publication for AM and AFM resulted from this ongoing pressure from the author's desire to publish with us, and it enabled the launch of several new successful initiatives in recent years.

Advanced Energy Materials was the first topic-oriented spin-off from the Advanced journals family. It started in 2010 just as a section within Advanced Materials, became rapidly independent from 2011 onwards, and got its first Impact Factor this year of 10.043: the highest first Impact Factor for any journal we have ever published at Wiley. Nearly 2000 submissions in 2013 are a result of this excellent performance and also an illustration of the importance of this sub-field in materials science.

The other hot topic in our discipline apart from energy is the combination of life and materials science to understand and develop new solutions for medicine and healthcare. Thus, it was an easy decision to follow Advanced Energy Materials with Advanced Healthcare Materials. It also started as a section started in Advanced Materialsand became independent in 2012. Here, we wait for the first Impact Factor to be announced in June 2014, but from all that we can see already it will be another positive result.

The youngest kid in this series is Advanced Optical Materials, which we just launched one year ago. As our publishing business transforms ever more from print to digital products, it was an easy decision to make AOM the first Advanced journal to be started as an online-only journal.

And certainly, this is not the end yet. This year we start Advanced Materials Interfaces, the new spin-off dedicated to publishing high impact papers in surface- and interface-related materials research. AMI aims to become the first choice for all interface research in the best Advanced Materials tradition with top quality content, swift manuscript handling, and online publication via Early View on the Wiley Online Library. Visit to get a glimpse of their first issue online—and my colleagues look forward to your next manuscript!

As you can see, your choice to submit more and more of your best papers to a journal from the Advanced Materials family helps it to grow bigger and bigger. You can be sure that we are already planning for the next family member, so stay tuned and see what will come next. All we can tell already is that it will be edited and produced to the same high standards as all of its sister journals. Me and my colleagues at all the editorial offices around the globe share the passion for science and the passion for publishing, and we are proud to be members of such a successful journal brand that allows us to work with you as our authors and for you as our readers. It is an exciting journey, day by day, and I hope that all of you enjoy accompanying us as our authors, referees, advisors, or readers.

With best wishes for a prosperous and healthy new year,

Yours faithfully,