Correction: Highly Conductive Nanocomposites with Three-Dimensional, Compactly Interconnected Graphene Networks via a Self-Assembly Process


  • Chao Wu,

  • Xingyi Huang,

  • Genlin Wang,

  • Libing Lv,

  • Gan Chen,

  • Guangyv Li,

  • Pingkai Jiang

In the original article, 4.19 S/m at 4.19 vol% should be replaced with 13.84 S/m at 4.19 vol% in Table 1. The value of 1083.3 S/m for the PS composites with 4.8 vol% graphene on pages 506 and 509 should be replaced with 1024.8 S/m, which is consistent with the value in Table 1, Figure 5, 6, and Figure S3 in the Supporting Information. NaS2O4 should be replaced with Na2S2O4 in the Experimental Section.

The authors confirm that these errors do not have any impact on the conclusions of the article and apologize for the inconvenience.