• strain sensors;
  • graphene;
  • skin sensors;
  • human motion monitoring

Sensing strain of soft materials in small scale has attracted increasing attention. In this work, graphene woven fabrics (GWFs) are explored for highly sensitive sensing. A flexible and wearable strain sensor is assembled by adhering the GWFs on polymer and medical tape composite film. The sensor exhibits the following features: ultra-light, relatively good sensitivity, high reversibility, superior physical robustness, easy fabrication, ease to follow human skin deformation, and so on. Some weak human motions are chosen to test the notable resistance change, including hand clenching, phonation, expression change, blink, breath, and pulse. Because of the distinctive features of high sensitivity and reversible extensibility, the GWFs based piezoresistive sensors have wide potential applications in fields of the displays, robotics, fatigue detection, body monitoring, and so forth.