Lithium Phenolate Complexes with a Pyridine-Containing Polymer for Solution-Processable Electron Injection Layers in PLEDs



A series of (vinylphenyl)pyridine-based polymer binders, PVPh2Py, PVPh3Py, and PVPh4Py, are designed and synthesized and it is found that mixtures of Liq and the polymers exhibit superior electron injection characteristics as ultrathin (1.6 nm) electron injection layer (EIL) films. They are comparable to those of EILs composed only of Liq. The addition of the polymers does not deteriorate the performance of Liq EILs. Additionally, when the EIL thickness is increased from 1.6 nm to 16 nm, the driving voltages increase and the external quantum efficiencies decrease. The increase in the voltage and decrease in the EQE are suppressed in the device with mixed EILs compared to those observed for the device composed of 100 wt% Liq. Furthermore, the position of the nitrogen in the pyridine ring is considered to influence the electron transport properties of the EILs. The mixing PVPh4Py with Liq improves the driving voltage of the fabricated devices, even with a thick mixed EIL. This reduced dependence of the performance of EILs on their thickness will be advantageous for the coating of large areas using solution processes.