Advanced materials for reversible optical storage


  • Dr. Edward M. Engler

    1. IBM Research Division, Almaden Research Center San Jose, California 95 120 (USA)
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    • is manager of Optical Science and Technology at the IBM Almaden Research Center. A chemist by training, he received his B.Sc. from Providence College and his Ph.D. from Princeton University while working in the research group of Paul Scleyer. His research has focused on unusual solid-state electronic materials, about which he has published extensively, particularly in the area of organic metals and high temperature superconductors. He is one of the six Editorial Advisors of Advanced Materials.

  • I want to thank my colleagues at the almaden research center, C.-J. Lin, M. Chen, V. Jipson, W. Lenth and G. Sincerbox for many helpful discussions in putting this paper together.


The development of semiconductor lasers and the application of materials such as garnets as the recording media have led to fast progress in optical storage technology. The ability of the new methods (for mode of information storage see figure) to compete with magnetic storage are discussed, new materials are assessed, and techniques such as direct overwrite through field or laser modulation are described.

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