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Organic Semiconductors for new electronic devices


  • Dr. Gilles Horowitz

    1. Laboratoire des Matériaux Moléculaires, CNRS 2 rue Henry Dunant, F-94320 Thiais (France)
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    • received a Ph.D. from the Univerity of Pari VII in 1981 while working at the Centre d'Etudes Nuclaires in Saclay on the photoelectrochemical conversion of solar energy using semiconducting electrodes. He joined the Laboratoire des Matériaux Moléculaires of the CNRS in Thiais, near Pari in 1982 to work on the protection of semiconducting electrodes using conducting polymers, and since 1987 his research has centered on the study of organic semiconductors and their applications.


Field effect transistors, schottky diodes, and solar cells are among the applications of organic semiconductors now being developed. Questions concerning charge generation and transport as well as doping mechanisms in these materials, which include polyacetylenes, polythiophenes and metallophthalocyanines are reviewed, and future directions in both experimental and theoretical work discussed.

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