Intercalation chemistry of conducting polymers: New crystalline microlaminate phases in the polyaniline/feocl system


  • Financial support from the Center for Fundamental Materials Research of Michigan State University and the National Science Foundation for a Presidential Young Investigator Award, CHE-8958451 is gratefully acknowledged. At Northwestern University support was provided by ONR; this work made use of Central Facilities supported by NSF through the Materials Research Center.


Molecular nano-composites of two electrically active but chemically deverse components, organic conducting polymers and inorganic metaloxide bronzes, can be formed by the in situ intercalative oxidative polymerization of aniline in FeOCl. Two forms of the normally amorphous polyaniline, in a cryustalline, well-defined environment have been discovered, one semiconducting and one metallic. These hybrid materials are also suitable for the study of oriented conducting polymers.