Materials in electronics and electrical engineering


  • Dr. Claus Weyrich

    1. Corporate R & D, Siemens AG Materials Science and Electronics ZFE ME, P.0. Box 830 953, D-8000 Munich (FRG)
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    • Claus Weyrich was born in Brno (Czecoslovakia) in 1944. He received a doctroate in physics from the University of Innsbruck (Austria). In 1969 he joined the Siemens Research Laboratories. His main activities have been in the field optoelectronic semiconductors and applied materials research. Since 1987 he has been Head of the Siemens Research Laboratories for Materials Science and Electronics in Munich and Erlangen (FRG). He has published over 30 scientific papers and holds 11 patents.


Siemens activities are founded on a broad base of materials expertise. Claus Weyrich, head of materials science and electronics at the Siemns laboratories in Munich and Erlangen, introduces this special “Siemens Research '90” issue by describing the important criteria for the introduction of new materials and their development, and takes a look at future requirements for materials, especially in the electronics area.