European research conferences


  • Dr. Josip Hendeković

    1. Executive Secretary, Programme of European Research Conferences, European Science Foundation, 1, Quai Lezay Marnésia, F-67 000 Strasbourg (France)
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    • studied physics at the University of Zagreb. After his post-graduate training at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste and the Rudjer Bos'koviC Institute in Zagreb, he received his Ph.D. in physics in 1972. His research interest drifted from theoretical nuclear physics to molecular physics andquantum chemistry during his post-doctoral stay at Bonn University from 1972-1975. Back at the Rudjer BoSkoviC Institute in Zagreb, he also lectured for several years at Zagreb University: An undergraduate course on biophysics and a postgraduate course on the quantum theory of molecules. Before joining the European Science Foundation in 1984, he had published 30 scientific papers. He is now head of the Office of the Programme of European Research Conferences at the ESF in Strasbourg.


Essay: Cooperative action in the organization of European ‘Gordon’-like research conferences is coordinated by the European Science Foundation (ESF) which is based in Strasbourg. France. The aims and profile of the conference program, which includes meetings in physics, chemistry and materials science of relevance to work on advanced materials, and the ESF which started it are described.