Two-step generation of aluminum microstructures on laser-generated pd pre-nucleation patterns using thermal cvd from (trimethylamine)trihydridoaluminum


  • We would like to thank K. Müller and G. Rabe for technical assistance, G. Wahl for stimulating discussions, F. P. Schäfer for support, and the BMFT (13N 5398/7) and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for financial support.


Communication: Aluminium microstructures, important in electronics packaging applications, can be efficiently produced using a new two-step method which involves thermal CVD from (trimethylamine)trihydridoaluminum onto lasergenerated spatially selective prenucleation patterns of a palladium catalyst. Interestingly, the aluminum continues to grow to heights of more than a few nanometers even after it has completely covered the palladium catalyst.