Advanced materials in the electronics industry


  • Prof. Feye Meijer

    Managing Director
    1. Philips Research Laboratories P.O. Box 80000, NL-5600 JA Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
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    • was born in Haarlem (The Netherlands) in 1937. He received a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Amsterdam. In 1962 he joined the Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven. His main activities have been in the fields of organic mass spectrometry, surface physics and chemistry and glass technology. In 1986 he became a visiting Professor at the University of Leiden, and in 1988 he became one of the Managing Directors of Philips Research. He has published over 50 scientific papers.


Essay: This year sees the 100th anniversary of Philips, one of the world's leading electronics companies. In this special issue an overview of the materials research which forms the basis of the company's development program is provided by researchers from Eindhoven in Holland, and Aachen in Germany. The Essay, from the Director of Research in Einhoven, sets the scene with an account of the general materials requirements in the electronics industry.