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New European funding for advanced materials research: Call for proposals in ESPRIT


  • Dr. Ingo Hussla,

    1. MEC Micro Electronics Consultants Bonner Wall 6, W-5000 Köln 1 (FRG)
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    • 43, Dipl.-Chem. and Dipl.-Ing., is director of the consultancy firm MEC, Köln which specializes in technical advise on materials, processes and equipment important for the microelectronics industry. Special emphasis and expertise is provided regarding national and European R & D funding (ESPRIT, BRITE) as well as scientific/industrial issues related to R & D in the “Neue Bundesländer”. Dr. Hussla gained his Ph.D. in UHV-surface science on various materials systems, conducted DFG-supported research on controlled laser-material interactions at Northwestern University, Ill, USA and has held senior research posts in the US and German industry (IBM, Leybold), working on advanced microelectronic materials and processing, including tribology issues and CVD/Etching equipment manufacturing before founding MEC in 1988.

  • Natasha Us

    1. MEC Micro Electronics Consultants Bonner Wall 6, W-5000 Köln 1 (FRG)
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    • Studied Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1984 and her Master of Science degree in 1985. While a student, she spent time at IBM, both at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center and the San Jose Research Center. Between 1985 and 1991, she worked as a process engineer in the research and development department at Standard Microsystems Corporation in Hauppauge, New York, where she specialized in reactive ion etching. She is presently the European Project Manager for Micro Electronics Consultants.


Essay: The ESPRIT programme of the European Community has recently issued a call for proposals for the next round of funding for which over 5 billion ECU have been earmarked. Some of the research which has received support from the Programme in the past is described and the conditions for application for the next round (which closes on October, 14, 1991) are presented.

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