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Relatively isotropic superconductivity at 8.3 K in the Lamellar organometallic intercalate SnSe2{Co(η-C5H5)2}0.3


  • We wish to thank M. Kurmoo for his advice about resistivity measurements, the SERC for financial support and the Rhodes Trust for their grant to H. V. W.


Superconductivity in SnSe2{Co(ν-C5H5)2}0.3 is notable for its high transition temperature—teh highest of any known organometallic intercalate—and because it is more three-dimensional and less anisotropic than in any other previously reported intercalate. While intercalation of organometallic guests into layered 5d transition metal dichalcogenides causes large increases in the anisotropy of the electronic properties, in SnSe2 the anisotropy is reduced. The critical properties of the superconducting state of this material, including their anisotropy, have been studied in order to investigate the origins of electron pairing in this system.

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