Chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide powders using pulsed CO2 Lasers


  • We thank Prof. G. Petzow, Dr. H. Schubert and Dr. R. Telle (MPI für Metallforschung) for the transmission electron micrographs and for their active support of this work, and Dr. S. Loskot (Wacker) and Dr. E. Jacob (MAN Technologie) for the analyses


A carbosilane polymer which survives temperatures up to 2000°C is reported. It deposits on the surface of SiC particulates which form during the laser pyrolysis of tetramethylsilane, and has possible applications as a sintering aid for SiC or in reducing brittleness in ceramic composites. Powders consisting of 8–10 nm SiC crystallites embedded in the carbosilane polymer are produced in the plasma formed by a focused CO2 laser.