Polymeric materials: A review of progress in 1992


  • Dr. Wolfgang H. Meyer

    Corresponding author
    1. Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research P.O. Box 3148, W-6500 Mainz (FRG)
    • Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research P.O. Box 3148, W-6500 Mainz (FRG)
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    • studied chemistry at the universities of Mainz and Freiburg/FRG. From 1978 to 1984 he was a Research Fellow at the Laboratories of RCA Ltd. in Zürich/Switzerland. Structure–property relations in electrically conducting polymers and the development of high resolution photoresists for electronics were his main fields of interest during that period. In 1984 he joined the MPI for Polymer Research, where he is responsible for the research on “Solid Polyelectrolytes” and “Polymer Additives for Ceramic Powder Processing” as well as for the “Physico-Chemical Characterization of Polymers”.

  • In a review of this kind it is impossible to do justice to all interesting work published in 1992. The paper is necessarily subjective and colleagues whose work has been omitted due to the incomplete coverage are asked for their understanding.


Developments in polymeric materials in 1992 were characterized by small but important steps achieved as the result of much detailed work. Increasing attention is being paid to the supramolecular structure of the materials with the aim of producing ever smaller well-defined systems. Examples cited in the review include the use of well-defined dispersions of conducting polymers, liquid crystalline polymers, nanostructured polymer alloys and composites to make materials with better processing characteristics and greater chemical or physical stability.