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Advanced Materials

Novel tellurium-containing p-terphenoquinone analogues: Preparation and unique redox properties of paramagnetic tellurium-centered radical cation complexes


  • We thank the Computer Center, Institute for Molecular Science at the Okazaki National Research Institute, Japan, for the use of the HITAC M-600 and S-820/80 computers.


Amphoteric tellurium-containing π-donors'acceptors are reported. The electrical and magnetic properties of the charge-transfer complexes and radical cation salts prepared from 1 (see Figure; X [BOND] Te, R1 [BOND] Me) are presented. 1 exhibits a remarkably low oxidation potential compared with S analogues and a one-step two-electron reduction potential, indicating that its derivatives could also be of use as the first Te-containing organic electron acceptors.

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