Fabrication of organic nanocrystals for electronics and photonics


  • This work was performed by Hitachi Ltd. under the management of the Japan High Polymer Center as part of the Industrial Science and Technology Frontier Program supported by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).


We have presented a simple technique for the fabrication of nanocrystals of organic molecules and polymers and have shown that it is possible, using the liquid-phase technique, to fabricate organic nanocrystals ranging in size from 10 nm to 1 μm by manipulating the preparative conditions. In particular, nanocrystals of poly(4-BCMU) ranging from 20 nm to 350 nm were prepared by controlling the preparation conditions. The main advantages of the liquid-phase technique are the practicality and suitability of the technique for a wide range of materials. The fabrication of organic nanocrystals, though at a very early stage, seems a promising approach for producing low-dimensional organic materials and, like inorganic nanocrystals, another important objective for future study would be to incorporate organic nanocrystals into a variety of inorganic and organic media. It is hoped that extensive work will be done on organic nanocrystals to evaluate their potential for electronics and photonics.