Basic research in a Japanese electronics corporation


  • Dr. Shojiro Asai

    General Manager, Corresponding author
    1. Advanced Research Laboratory Hitachi, Ltd. Hatoyama, Saitama 350-03 (Japan)
    • Advanced Research Laboratory Hitachi, Ltd. Hatoyama, Saitama 350-03 (Japan)
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    • born in Kobe, Japan, read applied physics at the University of Tokyo, being awarded B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in 1963,1965, and 1970, respectively. In 1968 he joined the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Kokubunji, Tokyo, where he worked on semiconductor devices and processes. His research has focused on device physics, device modeling, microfabrication technology, and reliability problems, in particular for high-frequency GaAsFETs, Si MOSFETs, and ultra large scale integration. He is currently General Manager of the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory.

  • I thank Atsushi Suzuki, Deputy General Manager, for his collaboration in administration, and I thank all my other colleagues in research and support areas for their help while I was putting together my thoughts in this article.


The Advanced Research Laboratory of Hitachi Ltd. was set up in 1985 to conduct basic research—as part of the corporate research and development program—in purpose-built facilities away from the rest of the company. The philosophy bhind the decision to create such a laboratory with its own budget and administrative system is outlined, and the interests and recent achievements of research groups there are briefly surveyed.