Chromophore–zeolite composites: The organizing role of molecular sieves


  • The authors thank Dr. L. Werner, Dr. W. Hill, and Dr. F. Schüth for joint experiments and stimulating discussions. Dr. J. Kornatowski, Dr. F. Finger, and Dr. I. Girnus are thanked for the synthesis of the large single crystals. This work was supported by the Aif (grant 315D) via the DECHEMA. F. M. thanks the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina for a grant (Forderpreis).


Dyes incorporated in molecular sieve crystals can reveal information about the orientation of guests in these crystals through polarization microscopy (see Figure), Raman scattering, and second-harmonic generation measurements. Pyroelectric studies of the dye molecule para-nitro-aniline inserted in the molecular sieve A1P04-5 are described that show which of two rival models explaining the ordering of guests in molecular sieves actually holds.

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