Highly polarizable biaryl salts for liquid crystals and nonlinear optics: Synthesis and properties of a phenol/pyridinium triflate


  • This work was partially supported by CNRS (UA 429) and by DRET (contract no. 93-1087), which are acknowledged. J. L. Bosio is thanked for the X-ray diffraction experiments. J. Simon is particularly acknowledged for helpful discussion.


A nonlinear waveguide material with a good transparency/efficiency trade-off is presented. The synthesis of the biaryl-based salt and its mesomorphic and nonlinear optical properties, including second harmonic generation from floating Langmuir-Blodgett layers, are described. The advantages of this new phenol/pyridinium triflate, which exhibits mesomorphic properties over a 50°C range, compared to the uncharged and zwitterionic analogues are discussed.